Lindas Lambs Know your source.....
Lindas LambsKnow your source.....

Lamb Boxes

Our boxes about the size of a freezer draw, currently consist of a selection (9) of vacumn packed frozen joints of a whole or half lamb for use as and when required; averaging 8kg per half box with our distinctive logo. Kerry Mule boxes are a little bigger.  Pre ordered boxes can be individually specified. Do ring to discuss your personal requirements. Occasionally we can also offer hogget and mutton as our sheep are processed at their peak condition throughout the year then frozen for maximum freshness. We can provide an unbutchered carcass for those who may wish to spit roast or practise their own knife skills. Boxes also contain  garden herbs bay, rosemary or mint and recipe suggestions.


We transport our own sheep  to Penny's in Rawdon or 20 miles to Agars in Ilkley for processing and then use  CCM at Skipton for specific butchering requirements. Our animal welfare and customer satisfaction are paramount.We are involved with every step of the production process from lambing to labelling so we know exactly what is going on where at all times.


We are confident you will be delighted with your purchase

'So tasty and succulent' CJ Bolton Abbey

'Full of flavour' JLB Harrogate

'Great to know the provenance' MR Addingham

'Really delicious' SR Addingham.

'That sort of quality would be twice the price in a supermarket' GJ Nesfield.


Pink and Yellow - 2017 colours

In conjunction with Craven College  our knitted shawls were exhibited on the catwalk at the Great Yorkshire Show. Sustainability was the theme. This shawls were tied, wrapped and manipulated so that the surface of the wool shrank creating dips and hollows in the fleece to emulate the scapes and depressions where sheep shelter during lambing to avoid the wind and rain. Hand embroidery suggested the winding paths sheep follow throughout the landscape. Linda has also worked with other textile artists to create knitted stools and rag rug fleece chair covers. We now have a range of 100% wool duvets from our flock, in 3 different weights. Summer, winter and all season in single and king size. Email for more information and prices.


The Yorkshire Post photoshoot at Lotherton Hall was a great way to promote our traceable farm to fork message. Warm and sustainable wool for fashion and interiors. We have also used our wool as insulation in our office and residential lets.

Show Team - 4th prize Any Breed of Tup Otley Show May 2016
Second prize in Native/Primitive Tup North Yorkshire County Show June 2016

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